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OTG, through its business unit NETWORKING, offers complete solutions for SERVICES.

Highly trained professionals from OTG use their expertise to support OTG´s clients in projects involving: Data, Voice, Video, Wireless, Security, Management, Infrastructure, Cabling, among others.

Our portfolio of services for computer networks includes:

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Visual TruView™

Follow real-time user experience with applications of your business, discover before all this is an application slower and if the problem is the network, the application or the database all at once.

Monitor your servers and services without the use of agents, does not require a dedicated structure to begin monitoring its structure.

Easily locate unauthorized access into its structure, identify equipment and stations in their structure.


OptiView® XG Network Analysis Tablet

Optimize time troubleshooting with OptiView, easily locate the root cause of problems in your network in real time and has the path to resolution, both in wireless networks as in wired networks.

The only solution that correlates the most widely used protocols in favor of the administrator, you do not need to be a networking expert to get the diagnosis of the problem.

Prevent your network vulnerabilities before hackers discover, with the OptiView, you have an extensive knowledge base that assists the administrator to follow the best practices in the design and implementation of the network.

Plan your wireless network in an intelligent way, save on the purchase of your access points, prevents hours of trial and error finding the interference of their environment.